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Hello all and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  Today I am partaking in an excellent blogathon from the wonderful group over at Myfilmviews.  In this blogathon I will confess to certain things, some good, some bad, and some ugly.  Grab a sandwich and soda, kick back, and prepare to enter the mind of a film nerd with too much time on his hands.  (Oh, if you are interested in joining this blogathon, head on over to the link provided here to sign up.) Continue reading


Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb


Year of Release:  1964

Directed by:  Stanley Kubrick

Source:  DVD (Own Collection)

Average IMDb Rating:  8.6

Average Rotten Tomatoes Rating:  100%


I know what you’re thinking:  “Dr. Strangelove is not a horror movie!!!!!!”  I know, I know, but there is a valid reason for this entry here today on MVH.  For the entire month of January, Chuck over at Zombies DON’T Run is running Stanley Kubrick month, where he will be discussing all things Kubrick.  As a big Kubrick fan, I decided to contribute to this glorious Kubrick celebration by putting in my two cents and discussing one of my favorite comedies of all time, Dr. Strangelove.  This film is not your traditional comedy, like a Bridesmaids or a Superbad, since it deals with very unfunny themes like war, communism, and massive global destruction, but it’s the brilliant performance by legendary comedian Peter Sellers that really gets the laughs going out of this black comedy.  Sellers, best known for his role in The Pink Panther, plays three different characters in the film:  The US President, Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, and the former German scientist Dr. Strangelove. Continue reading