I created this site to express my thoughts and opinions on all things horror, from film to TV to comic books and everything else in between.  The horrorverse is filled with a lot of good, a lot of bad, and a lot of ugly, so I will attempt to fight my way through it all, hence the title Man vs Horror.  I have never taken a journalism class so I do not know how to properly write a film review, but I will write it as best as I can.  I want to write them more like a conversation you’re having with your friends than as a proper film review, like an Ebert or Travers.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and welcome to my Horrorverse!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi ManvsHorror,

    Just come across your blog while looking for horror blogs…funny to see a big feature on Buffy as my wife and I caught it halfway through last night…she loves that film! Anyway, not sure if it will be up your street, but hopefully you might like to check out my little film!

    I’m a film maker on the South Coast of the UK and I’ve started an ongoing series of short horror films. The first of these “Creak” is up online now and seems to be getting a loving response, which is great! Was never out to reinvent the wheel, just make a fun little “disposable” short film which doesn’t get bogged down in production like my other short films have had a tendency to do.

    Anyway, if you’d like to view it it’s on Vimeo here:

    There’s also a dedicated Facebook page for “Sincerely, Psychopath” which is the umbrella name for my horror stuff…


    And lastly, should you want to know more about the making of Creak and my other film making, I’ve got a blog too…


    Got two more horror shorts in the pipeline this year – “Knock Knock” is a Bava/ Argento inspired affair, then “eXtended” is a bizarro battle in the woods…all should hopefully be peculiar and interesting!

    Thanks for your time, hope you like the short and please spread the word if you like it.

    Ta loads,


  2. hi manvshorror,

    my name is sevé schelenz and i’m trying to get ahold of you by e-mail as i don’t use twitter or facebook. i made a horror feature named “skew” and was wondering if you’d like to see it and consider it for review? please e-mail me at sleepapneaprods@hotmail.com if you’re interested and i can give you some more details. sorry to contact you through your about section. please feel free to delete this. thanks and hope to chat soon.

  3. Hi MVH,

    I googled HORROR MOVIE BUFF and ended up here! Can you name this HORROR MOVIE???

    Mom Joins Satanic Cult in ’80s Film Set at Halloween Time

    I’m not positive if I remember this correctly, but from what I recall the ’80s movie is set around Halloween time, and a teenager’s mother joins a satanic cult.

    When she joins she gets her rear end branded with a satanic symbol. She then kills a gal that is dating her son by shoving a pitchfork through her head or neck, while wearing a costume. In the end, a guy dressed like a cop (or may actually be a cop) is possessed by Satan at the party.

    What is this movie?

      • Thanks. I read your Hostel 3 & Paranormal Activity 3 reviews – agree with everything you said basically although maybe thought you were slightly too harsh on PA3! The ending was strange but I thought for a part 3 in a franchise it at least had some fresh aspects going for it. Sure I read somewhere the scenes they showed in trailers but cut were going to be used in part 4. That was on imdb so not too reliable! Hostel was a bit of a train wreck though. Loved the twist in the opening scene, couple of cool deaths but so many flaws! Anyway sorry for rambling, I’ve added you too my blogroll, hope you don’t mind?

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