Man vs Horror State of the Union Address

rip-van-winkle-3Hello all and welcome back to Man vs Horror, the web’s premier site where an average film junkie who loves horror tackles said genre head on.  I’ve been gone for quite some time due to several personal problems that have arisen within the past 4 months.  Not to go into too much detail but there have been several life altering events that have changed my life within the past year which has lead to me neglecting this site and my fans (the six of you who are out there; you too President Denis Sasso Nguesso, leader of the Republic of Congo).  Below are my pledges to you, the fans.

To be honest with you, I created this site as a way to express my feelings on the genre that is nearest to my heart, and along the way I’ve met some really cool people and learned how to operate a simple blog.  Laziness, personal problems, work, school, internships, a girlfriend (sorry ladies) have kept me out of the blogosphere but I’ve decided to come back, to mark my place in this crazy world we call the internet.

Now I’m usually an honest person who is good at keeping his word, so to the current fans and the future ones who will read this, I make this pledge: I will be a lot more active on this site, on the MvH Twitter, and the MvH Facebook page.  I will do everything in my power to push myself to write something, a review, a top ten list, an editorial piece, anything, at least once a day.  This will help attract new readers by pushing out a consistent product, please the current readers (you too Mr. President), and help me tone my writing skills.  This, I swear to you.

Now back to business.  I’ve got a horror movie I got to watch and take notes on.  Thanks for hearing me out and I hope to see more of you.  Thanks.













3 thoughts on “Man vs Horror State of the Union Address

      • Yeah, thats why Im glad your back dude!

        Well, I’d love that!! Youve already done a desert island list, so is there anything on the IMDB list that takes your fancy to write a review about? The link is on my site, and most of the list that isnt linked is free. Drop me an email,we will sort something out, Id love to feature your work, be proud to! 🙂

        Hope to see you back haunting my site real soon buddy 😛

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