Suggestions for which horror film to be featured on HDTGM!!!!

Hello all and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  One of my favorite mediums of entertainment are podcasts and the one podcast I listen to religiously is How Did This Get Made? over at Earwolf.  Every two weeks the hysterical group of comedians, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael discuss bad films.  In the past they’ve done Jaws 4: The Revenge, The Room, 88 Minutes, The Wicker Man, and other crappy movies that really does beg the question, how did this get made?  If you haven’t heard their show yet, I suggest downloading them on iTunes or from Earwolf.  Fans of cinema will appreciate their humor as they poke fun at ridiculous films. 

Since Halloween is coming up and October is around the corner, I opened up a brand new thread on their messaging boards, which you can visit here.  In the message, I suggested a few, like Jason X, Dracula 2000, and The Seed of Chucky, films that are so campy that they are funny as opposed to frightening.

They don’t do a lot of horror though, which is the one downside to their show.  The only horror films they’ve discussed were Leprechaun In The Hood, The Wicker Man, and Birdemic.  For you, my loyal audience, I’d like for you to visit the messaging board and make some suggestions for some really bad horror movies that the gang could view and discuss for the month of October.  Paul Scheer views the message boards and actually listens to his fans by picking some of the suggestions that are made on the boards.  As hardcore horror fans, lets give them some great suggestions they can work with for one of the best comedy podcasts out there.



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