Movie Poster “FRIDAY”

Hello everyone and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  I’ve been a bit busy so I apologize for not posting anything for the past week and a half.  To make up for it, I’ll do a Special Edition of Movie Poster Monday in honor of today, when the biggest and most anticipated superhero movie of all time is released (or until Marvel releases Avengers II).  That’s right folks, I’m talking about The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Bat mythos.  As an avid comic book fan and a die hard Batman fan, I decided to go off the horror track and offer you a Batman themed edition of Movie Poster Monday.  Without further adieu:

Batman (1989)

Nicholson!  Keaton!  Batman!  A simple yet effective poster that conveys one simple message:  WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!  IT’S BATMAN WITH NICHOLSON AND KEATON!!!!!  This poster is what built the hype machine for Batman in 1989 and brought a new generation of viewers/readers into the world of Gotham City.

Batman Returns (1992)

He’s back!!!!!!  This was the first poster to show Batman and the other characters that would be involved in the story, a theme that would continue for two more pictures.  The milky white flesh of Catwoman and the Penguin stick out like a sore thumb thanks to the black background.  The one mistake Warner Bros. did with this poster was keeping the penguins with rockets on their back.  Ugh.  Let’s pretend that never happened.

Batman Forever (1995):

Good god does this poster suck.  The campiness and death of the franchise began with this flick and right from the get go we can see why.  A Robin in his mid 20s.  A love interest that makes no sense.  And two amazing actors chewing up so much scenery that most people forget that the Riddler is not supposed to be funny and comical.

Batman and Robin (1997):

The death of the franchise with the poster serving as its tombstone.  How could one person look at this poster and take this film seriously?  A Batman film should be dark and moody, not bright colors, ridiculous buildings constructed by an architect on PCP, and definitely shouldn’t have BAT NIPPLES!!!!!  I’m not even going to start because I’m sure you’ve heard all the bashing that’s possible with this film.

Batman Begins (2005)

At last, a poster that gets the Batman persona right.  Dark, brooding, alone with only bats as his companion.  The poster really stands out and has amazing imagery, from the high angle shot to Batman’s cape being an identical match to the Bat logo.  Simple but effective, similar to the 1989 poster.

The Dark Knight (2008):  

Another amazing poster in the Nolan trilogy with perfect imagery:  Batman alone in one man crime against anarchy.  The blazing Bat logo burned into the building really invokes a chilling message to the audience and makes you question:  who did this, how did he do it, and why would you want to mess with Batman?  And Warner Bros. was smart for leaving the Joker off of their earlier posters and creating a sense of mystery over the character’s look.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012):

Here it is, the last Batman poster we will see for quite awhile.  While there are several better looking posters out there, like this one, posters of Batman should showcase him, not his supporting cast.  The blazing bat symbol in the background really stands out and shows you the dangerous world Batman has to live in.

There it is folks, a brief rundown of every Batman poster ever made.  Will this movie live up to the hype despite it’s early negative reviews?  We shall see, but if history has proven anything, it’s that the third film in a series never lives up to the first two.  The Batman franchise proved it once with Batman Forever.  For Christopher Nolan, Warner Bros., and Batman’s sake, let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself again.


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