Movie Poster Monday

Hello and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  Today we have two films with shock, twist endings.  One twist ending has been dissected and analyzed to try to solve the film’s riddle while the other has a sad, disturbing ending that breaks far from the source material.  Also, the poster shares a common theme:  the protagonist has his back to us while he stares at what’s ahead.


One look of this poster makes you think “what the hell am I looking at?”  Structurally, this poster has a lot going on in it.  Leo is holding a gun, in a suit, in the middle of a flooded city.  But why?  This poster certainly passes the “look test,” causing you to stop what you’re doing, stare at it, and draw your own conclusions as to what the hell is going on.  For a few months after the first teaser trailer hit during Super Bowl XLIV, nobody had a clue as to what the film was going to be about and the poster doesn’t help either.  The poster, like the film, is very fresh and evokes a great sense of mystery.


Another poster that passes the “look test.”  Like the Inception poster, it really forces you to ask yourself “what the hell is going on?” But unlike Inception, you have a clue as to what’s going on:  a father and son are hiding in a building from the mist that’s outside.  But the $64,000 question is: what’s in the mist?  The poster gives no indication as to what’s in it or why they are hiding from it, but you get the assumption that the mist is bad.  The lighting is superb as well, with shades of dark light and smack in the middle, bright, almost holy light.  Fantastic poster for a fantastic little gem.


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