Movie Poster Monday

Hello and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  Today, we have a true David vs Goliath battle between our two posters.  One, is one of the greatest travesties in the history of cinema.  The other, an overlooked camp classic from the 80s.  And now, our matchup:


1999.  Some were calling it the greatest summer of all time because Hollywood was set to release some of the most anticipated movies of all time:  The Mummy, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Eyes Wide Shut, South Park, The Blair Witch Project, and the first movie that I ever attended for a midnight release, Star Wars Episode 1:  The Phantom Menace.  At 15 years old, seeing this poster, I was blown away by the design and the simplicity of it:  that little kid is destined to be Darth Vader one day.  While there were other posters that really showcased the other characters in the film, this poster highlights the only character that mattered: Vader.  Unfortunately, the movie couldn’t live up to the astronomical hype surrounding it, but for one magical summer, the world was re-introduced to Star Wars mania.


Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, or CHUD for short, is pure 80s cheese, but the poster, despite its Troma look, works.  Viewing this poster, it really makes you wonder “what the hell is a CHUD?”  Like the Episode I poster above, it really plays with your imagination:  what is a CHUD, what does it look like, and are there more?  The dark New York City in the background pops out as you stare at the nefarious creature surfacing from the underworld.  C.H.U.D. is an essential 80s cult flick, especially if you like Troma.


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