Movie Poster Monday

Hello and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  Today, we showcase a couple posters from two films that have it all:  fantastic villain, gory death scenes, and bloody violence.  One, a spin on World War II, the other, the film that started the “torture porn” craze of the mid-2000s.  Enjoy.


The poster of Inglorious Basterds does a really good job on giving the audience a hint of the violence to come in this bloody World War II pic by the acclaimed, nerd-god director, Quentin Tarantino.  The red from the nazi swastika really jumps and brings your attention to the knife covered in blood.  A simple poster that tells a story of a man killing an acceptable target, a nazi.


Wow.  Talk about a poster passing the “look test.”  A movie called Saw, with an actual saw on top of the poster and a severed hand on the bottom of the poster really creates a powerful image.  The decapitated hand looks gruesome covered in dirt and trickling blood, indicating that this has been a fresh amputation.  While the Saw sequels had better posters, the first one is classic and really makes you wonder, “would I be able to saw off a body part to survive?”


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