New Feature: Movie Poster Monday

To fight off writer’s block, I’ve decided to create a brand new weekly feature, highlighting my favorite movie posters of all time.  To differentiate my selections, I will showcase one horror movie poster and one non-horror movie poster.  I might have a theme between the two posters or I might not.  Just know that I am only showcasing the quality of the poster and not the content of the films themselves.  The only real criteria I have for these posters is the “Look Test”:  If you were in a movie theater, walked by these posters, stopped, and looked, you passed the look test.

And now, presented for the first time ever, here are the first two posters for Movie Poster Monday:


The Incredible Hulk (2008)  Talk about an effective poster.  The image of a lonely, sad Bruce Banner with his dark side, the Hulk, leering behind him invokes a powerful message:  no matter where you go, your dark side will always follow you.  I personally was a fan of this reboot of the Incredible Hulk franchise despite what all the critics said about it.  Plus, that opening act in Brazil is straight bad ass.


Tales from the Hood (1995)  Even though it is perceived as a so-so horror flick by most critics/fans/bloggers, I think this was one of the better anthology films not only of the 90s, but of all time.  But to the haters out there, you have to admit, this poster is pretty bad ass.  It looks like the Cryptkeeper if he was a hardcore gangster from the 90s.  The single gold tooth and the dark rimmed shades really make the image pop out to you.  Plus, couldn’t you picture 2Pac rocking this tattoo somewhere on his body?


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