30 Day Horror Challenge Episode II: Attack of the list

Hello and welcome back to Man vs Horror.  As promised yesterday, here is the second part to the challenge.  Without further adou:

13.  Your favorite horror comedy:

Another toss up category which was hard to choose.  It was between this and Evil Dead II/Army of Darkness but this one ultimately wins out because of the comedic effort of Nick Frost and the scene where the gang beats the zombies with Queens’ “Don’t Stop Me Now” is classic.

14.  Your favorite zombie film:

The best zombie film was also the first one I ever saw.  I remember watching this movie as a kid and thinking that hiding in a mall, killing zombies, and shooting guns on an empty hockey rink was the coolest thing in the world.  After all these years, I can sit down and still be entertained by its gore, story, and characters.  Plus, the Savini cameo is well worth the wait.

15.  Your favorite horror film involving serial killers:

Another entry on the list that is not horror, but it has enough gore and violence to consider it one.  Tarantino’s script has sharp, witty dialogue and Oliver Stone bombards you with some of the craziest imagery you’ve ever seen in a film.

16.  Your favorite childhood themed horror movie:

This concept is brilliant!  Take a group of kids and pit them against the Universal Monsters and watch as hilarity ensues.  This story sounds like it was created by a horror obsessed kid (like I was) and it paid off.  Except for the lame line “kick him in the nards.”

17.  Your favorite horror film remake:

This could’ve been the Thing, it was close, but ultimately The Fly won out.  The grotesque transformation that Seth Brundle goes through in the course of 96 minutes is phenomenal: from a normal man to a disfigured, deformed man who vomits acid on his food to digest it, to a fully grown fly.  Throw in the dream sequence where Geena Davis imagines she gave birth to a larvae and you have one of the most shocking and great remakes ever made.

18.  Your favorite foreign horror film:

El Espina del Diablo was the first Guillermo del Toro movie I ever saw and I was blown away by the story behind it.  If you’ve never seen it, rent it and I guarantee you will enjoy it.  The story starts off as a ghost story but then quickly evolves into a coming of age story that ends with sweet revenge.  Some say Chronos was del Toro’s best horror film, but I disagree and nominate this film as his crowning achievement into the world of the macabre.

19.  Your favorite horror film involving the powers of Hell or Satanism:

Come on, what else was it going to be?  The movie that frightened an entire generation of people will go down as the scariest movie ever made.  William Peter Blatty’s story plus Dick Smith’s fantastic practical effects turned this into a classic.  My aunt still refuses to watch this movie, even during the brightest day.  When someone is scared to watch a movie 30 years later, you know you have a hit on your hands.

20.  Your favorite horror film involving a killer animal:

I’m probably getting crap for this one, but I’ll defend this one.  It’s pure cheesiness is what makes it great and it is one of my guilty pleasures from my youth.  Also, don’t be tricked by the poster:  Never once does that dog have a half robotic face.

21.  Your favorite medical horror film:

Ahhhh, Dr. Giggles.  The movie where people think he’s a killer dentist (he’s not, that was The Dentist).  Larry Drake did a good job playing the killer surgeon, while cracking jokes Freddy style.  Another guilty pleasure of mine that a lot of people may have forgotten about, but it is worth a watch.  Plus, I love Larry Drake.  He was in one of my favorite episodes of Tales from the Crypt of all time.

22.  Your favorite horror themed TV show:

There were two things that got me into horror in my youth.  One was USA’s Up All Night, showcasing tons of horror, sci-fi, and B-movies, and the other was Tales from the Crypt.  The Twilight Zone of my generation showcased several actors before they were big (which I might just do a post on) and each ending had the patented “twist.”  Oh, to be a kid and watch Tales from the Crypt on HBO on a Saturday night.  Alas.

23.  Your favorite Made for TV horror film:

I don’t watch a lot of Made for TV movies, but I do remember watching this on TV once years after its original broadcast (I guess that counts.)  Another great vampire story that is truly worth a watch.

24.  Your favorite horror film in which you prefer the edited version over the director’s cut:

I know, I know, the director’s cut has tons of gore and blood, but I liked the heavily edited film.  The original TCM didn’t show any gore, all the violence was implied, and I think that’s what the editors were trying to do with this one.  Sometimes not showing anything and leaving it up to your imagination is way better than showing the gore and guts.

25.  A horror film that you used to hate, but now like:

When I first saw this film as a kid, I was completely disappointed by the lack of special effects and creepiness of the first one.  Also, why the hell was Patrick Ewing in this film?  It’s not like he was the best player in the world and people wanted to see him act in a movie, a la Michael Jordan in Space Jam, but I digress.  Over time, after watching it again when I was older, I began to appreciate this film and the slow burn behind it.  Plus, after watching Dr. Strangelove, I realized how badass George C. Scott was in this film.

26.  Your favorite horror film to watch as a child:

I don’t remember a lot about the first Nightmare on Elm Street when I was a kid, but I remember every scene about this film.  The death sequences in this film are some of the best of the series:  the guy who gets his veins ripped out and played like a puppet, the guy who gets his legs pumped full of heroin, etc.  Also, this was the last film in the series where Freddy was still frightening and didn’t rely on cheesy one liners.

27.  Your favorite guilty pleasure:

When I first heard the concept, Jason in space in the far future, I thought “lame!”  But when you sit down and watch it, you appreciate the campiness behind it.  Plus, one of my favorite death scenes in the history of horror is showcased in this film:

Forget about the negative criticisms behind this film.  Watch it, embrace the camp, and enjoy.

28.  Your favorite horror film no one’s ever heard of:

A haunted house flick that never gets any love also happens to be one of the creepiest horror films ever made.  George C. Scott, once again a bad ass, slowly unravels the mystery of the new house he’s moved into.  The death of the little boy leads all the way up to the Washington state Senator, this story is great and will have you intrigued until the end.  Plus, the scene with the red ball……………..FANTASTIC!!!!

29.  Your least favorite horror film of all time:

Ughhhhh.  No comment.

30.  Your favorite horror film of all time:

Oh TCM, how I love you.  The low budget quality makes it look like a snuff film, that you’re in the house with Sally, living this hellish nightmare right besides her.  This was one of the first horror films I ever saw and when I saw it at 6 years old, it blew me away and made me want to watch more movies that looked like this.  I have this poster hanging on my wall and every time I look at it, it takes me back to my youth, staying up all night watching scary movies.



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