May Monster Madness Presents: My Favorite Goosebumps Book Covers

Hello to all of you fellow blog hoppers out there and welcome to Man vs Horror, the web’s premier horror blog for one man fighting all things in the world of horror.  As my special guest for this evening/day/dusk/dawn, I would like to take you back to a simpler time, before the internet and the height of videogames, where children actually sat down and read books.  Oh yes, I am talking about the 1990s.  In the 90s, during my adolescence, a book series by RL Stine debuted which introduced me to the world of horror fiction:  Goosebumps.  

As a child in elementary school, we used to order books from a catalog provided by Scholastic, and the first choice of books that me and my fellow classmates ordered was Goosebumps.  Like old VHS tapes at mom and pop video stores, the covers of the Goosebumps books was what drew you in.  Seeing that beautiful art on the cover of each book was your warmup to enter the disturbing macabre world that RL Stine created.

Now, as a tribute to my favorite line of books as a kid, I present to you blog hoppers a list of my favorite Goosebumps book covers.  Enjoy and comment about some of your favorite books RL Stine wrote.  And don’t forget to click the May Monster Madness link on the top right of my homepage so you can hop on over to other blogs as well.


4 thoughts on “May Monster Madness Presents: My Favorite Goosebumps Book Covers

  1. Loved Goosebumps as a kid! My favorite ones were the choose your own adventure books. Those were so much fun and allowed you to interact with the worlds R.L. Stine had created. The VHS tapes were actually pretty scary too! ^_^ Thanks for remidning me of these awesome childhood memories!

    • I also did enjoy the books where you used to pick your own adventure. The one thing I hated about those was that when you would get a crappy ending, like one where you die, you had to backtrack and figure out where you were before. Thanks for the comment and I really like your site.

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