The SCare Foundation


Seeing as I live just outside of Los Angeles, I know some people who work in the “Industry” (the film industry for those of you who don’t live in LA).  I have some cousins, ex co-workers, and ex classmates who all work at various studios, production companies, and agencies.  One of my good friends hooked me up with a volunteer job with the SCare Foundation, a non profit organization who’s goal is to fight youth homelessness in Southern California.

This is no standard non profit organization either because the man behind it is none other than Malek Akkad, the son of Moustapha Akkad, the legendary producer of the original Halloween franchise.  Akkad is teaming up with John Carpenter, James Wan, and several other key figures in the world of horror film to create this wonderful foundation.  Their launch event is taking place this Sunday, October 30th at the Nokia Theater in LA Live from 6:30pm to 1:00am.  If there are any readers out there in the Southern California area, come on down and check it out.

I have never done any type of volunteer work before in my life, so I have no clue what I will be doing at this event.  Knowing my luck they will probably stick me with Charlie work (for those of you who get that reference without clicking that link, I tip my hat to you good sir/madam).  If they ask me to kill rats, clean up, fetch Mr. Carpenter a glass of water, anything, I will say yes with a smile and work hard.  Who knows, maybe this volunteer work could lead to something else in that industry?  Maybe an internship?  A PA gig?  Executive Producer?  Head of a studio?  Leading man with killer good looks?  The sky is the limit (NOT!!!!!)

This event should be fun and I can’t wait to go work with Malek and his team.  This one unpaid gig will be ten times better than my paying job, that’s for sure.  This is the De Lunatic, signing out.


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